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About Us

Volterra S.A. is a forest company which objective business is the production and export of woodchips from wood formed across the our plantations of Eucalyptus Globulus located in the regions Eighth and Ninth, principally in the cities like Cañete, Tirúa and Contulmo, as well as to the supply of wood of third parties.

Volterra is a company constituted in Chile on November 26, 1991. The stock participation is composed by the companies; Nippon Paper Industries Co. Ltd. with a participation of 45 % of the capital, Sumitomo Corporation with a participation of 45 % of the capital and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines with a participation of 10 % of the capital.

Our Company in the first stage initiated activities in the year 1991, centering in the establishment of Eucalyptus Globulus‘s plantations in Arauco, Concepcion and Malleco. Then in the year 2002 we realize the first export of wood chips of eucalyptus Globulus to Japan, and nowadays we have exported more than two million tons. Our forest property is constituted by more than 13.000 hectares of Eucalyptus Globulus ‘s plantations and near 19.000 hectares of areas, which include areas of conservation and protection of forest native species of the zone.

Nowadays we have two Log yard, in Cañete city and other one in the Colonel city, where the harvested forests are transported and turned into wood chips, later it is embarked, destined to the export across Sumitomo Corporation, principally to Japan, where Industries Co is in use as raw material for the plants of cellulose for Nippon Paper., Industries Ltd.

Cochrane 361 - Concepción, Chile / Fono: 56-41-2244300 / secretaria.ccp@volterra.cl