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Chain Of Custody Certification

Certification CERTFOR in Chain of Custody. From April 26, 2010

The certification of Chain of Custody (CdC in Spanish) guarantees a connection between the revenue of wood certified to a process and the products to the exit of the same one. To achieve a chain of custody and to be able to label the final as certified products, every unit responsible for the wood, from the forest up to the channels of retail distribution, it must have CdC's certificate that endorses that the wood comes from forests handled under criteria of sustainability. This standard allows certifying the traceability of a product towards his origins in the raw materials certified by CERTFOR.

For VOLTERRA S.A. The scope is: “Purchase of Chunks, Forest, woodchips to third parties and Supply from Own Forests of Eucalyptus Globulus; for the Production, Collection, Loading and Sale of Woodchips and Certified by CERTFOR".
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