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Forest Management Certification Certfor

Certification CERTFOR in Forest Managing. From December 28, 2007.

CERTFOR is the Chilean System of Certification of Forest Sustainable Managing, authorized internationally by PEFC in October, 2004.

The certification of Forest Sustainable Managing (MFS in Spanish) is a voluntary tool of market, which aim is to guarantee the consumers of forest products (wood, paper, panels, fungi, etc.) that the above mentioned products or services come from forests or plantations which management has been realized satisfying standard social and environmental high places defined by each of the systems of certification.

This standard allows to the holders of forests to demonstrate that the managing that they have applied expires with the requirements of social, economic and environmental performance that the stakeholders (interested parts) relevant demand and that in addition, one finds in conformity with international limits of sustainability, formalized in the Intergovernmental pertinent Processes (Protocol of Montreal, Protocol of Helsinki, between others).

For VOLTERRA S.A. The scope is: “Forest Managing of Eucalyptus’s Plantations located in the Bio - bio and Araucania Regions".
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