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Social Responsibility

We recognize that our company, complementary to its core business objectives, is responsible for both the positive social development of its neighbors as environmental care is derived from their productive activities.

As part of the work we carry out to achieve an improvement in the living conditions of the surrounding communities, we can see examples of projects in which our company has participated and we foresee as a small contribution to society.

Social Programs:

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Photographs: They correspond to nightly Crafts Workshop, which is already in full swing.

Rural Forestation Project.

In Concepcion to June 30, 2010, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, the quartermaster of the Bio-Bio Region, of Messrs. parliamentarians, provincial governors; SEREMIS of Agriculture, Education, Economy and SERPLAC; Directors CONAMA, CONAF INDAP and SAG, Association of Municipalities, the National President and Regional Chilean Wood Corporation and Social Media; agreed publicly underwrite the Partnership and Cooperation agreement Year Plan Mutual Rural Forestation and Urban Forestry 2010-2014, MUNICIPALITIES CORMA, forestry companies, including the mayors of 37 target communes and Forestry Business Managers sponsoring this plan. This year VOLTERRA S.A. Deliver 16,000 plants of Eucalyptus globules for Indigenous Communities of Communes and Tirúa Contulmo.




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